SEVENTEEN Members Laughed At Seungkwan After He Experienced Karma

This hurts, but it’s also funny!

In the latest episode of GOING SEVENTEEN, the members of SEVENTEEN went on a camping trip to take a break from all their consecutive work schedules.

In the first episode of the camping series, it was shown how SEVENTEEN spent their free time while out in the campsite. Some members played badminton, some members played with the kittens in the area, some members rested and slept, and some members played sports.

Members Joshua, Seungkwan, and DK were playing catch. They were having fun playing the game and were making the most out of their free time.

When it was Seungkwan’s turn, he threw the ball to Joshua’s direction. As soon as Joshua was about to catch the ball, giving his all in his efforts, he failed because he accidentally got hit on a place where he isn’t supposed to be hit.

Joshua fell down on his knees when he felt the unexpected pain, while Seungkwan and DK laughed at him first, and then proceeded to ask him if he was okay. Seungkwan and DK even comforted Joshua by telling him that he contributed a funny scene to this episdode of the show.

After a while, members VERNON, JunWoozi, Seungkwan, Joshua, and DK played mini volleyball, wherein the members were kneeling down instead of standing up while playing the sport, and minimal movement was enough to save the volleyball.

Vernon tried to save the volleyball and hit it back to the other side of the court, and he did so successfully. However, the ball bounced on the ground and accidentally hit Seungkwan on the same spot where Joshua was hit.

CARATs are laughing at how the editors edited that particular scene which made it look funny, despite causing serious pain towards the member.

The members were initially shocked with what happened but ended up laughing at him as well before asking him how he was doing.

SEVENTEEN’s friendship feels real indeed! They know how to have fun and make the most out of their free time!

Watch the full episode of the first part of SEVENTEEN’s camping series on GOING SEVENTEEN here: