SEVENTEEN Show Their Loving Support For Hoshi During His “Spider” MV Shooting

They are friendship goals!

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi recently released behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the music video for his track “Spider.” In the video, the members of SEVENTEEN make an appearance to show their support for Hoshi and his new song

The first members who came to visit the shoot were Seungkwan and Dino, and it was easy to see how excited Hoshi was!

Jeonghan was the next member to appear in the video. He explained how the members were showing their support for Hoshi in different ways!

We’re here to send Hoshi support. DK bought pizza and S.Coups called a coffee truck!

— SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan

He then added that, although the members don’t always visit when someone is shooting, almost all of SEVENTEEN came knowing that Hoshi would like it.

DK and Jun were up next congratulating Hoshi on the release of his solo album, but in whispers so that they wouldn’t disturb the shooting! They also had some warm words of encouragement for Hoshi and all the work he has done for the track.

He looked so cool when I saw him practicing the dance for his solo in the practice studio. I know you went through a lot of trouble and worked so hard. You’re doing amazing.


DK then added that it wasn’t just the fact that they were in the same group that they came to support Hoshi. It was because they knew Hoshi worked so hard!

We know how he feels and want him to do well, so we’re here to cheer him on. I know it’s hard doing this alone, but I hope you do well.


The support from the members is beyond words and shows how close they are as a group!

You can support Hoshi by watching the music video for his track “Spider” below!