Here’s Why SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Made A 90-Degree Bow Apology To Don Spike

He did a perfect 90-degree angle bow.

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu recently appeared on an episode of Happy Together 4 and made a 90-degree bow apology to Don Spike for his mistake.

On this episode, Mingyu was introducing tips on how to take a good photo, a.k.a the “boyfriend photo”. His first tip was to match your foot onto the bottom of the camera app to make your legs look longer and your face look smaller.


He also suggested holding the camera upward so that your jawline looks sharper.


His third tip was to make no expression on your face rather than artificial smiles.


When the hosts asked for tips that were on the next level, Mingyu said, “You have to touch your hair.”


After hearing this, Don Spike was surprised and offended saying, “Touch what?” Jun Hyun Moo chimed in, “There’s nothing to touch!”


Realizing his mistake, Mingyu immediately stood up and bowed at a 90-degree angle and apologized, changing his tip to, “scratching your head”.


Check out the full video below!

Source: Dispatch
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