SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Called Himself A Piece Of Art, But That Wasn’t How His Members Saw It

Woozi and Wonwoo’s faces are saying, “Get me out of here.”

At a mini fan meeting, fans likened SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu to a sculpture from the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, because of his handsome appearance.


When Seungkwan asked who and Carats shouted out Mingyu’s name, he couldn’t help but agree. Mingyu even made a joke that he’d come straight from the Louvre Museum as a special treat for fans.

After he’s said the cheesy words, he couldn’t deal with them and crouched into a ball along with Seungkwan as they held their heads in their hands. Even D.K‘s mouth had opened in shock from the proud statement.

After they’d partially regained their composure, Seungkwan reached for the megaphone Mingyu used because he’d had enough of his shenanigans. There were two people who still weren’t functioning after Mingyu’s words, though.

Woozi and Wonwoo had been caught entirely off guard. Woozi’s mouth dropped open as he stared in disgust while Wonwoo was frozen in shock.

Mingyu put all of his wit into continuing Carats’ joke but couldn’t quite pull it off. You win some; you lose some. In the end, his attempt is giving Carats a good laugh.