SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Goes On A Cleaning Spree, Proves Himself The Perfect Husband Material

Does anyone know where to find a Mingyu?

On an episode of SVT Club, SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu was spotted doing a deep clean of the dorm, and the way he handled the mess was 200% “Housewife Mingyu” – his beloved nickname given by the fans for his cleaning and cooking skills. Fans have known already, but they are still mind blown by what a perfect husband material Mingyu really is!


When Mingyu realized there were recycling, laundry-folding, and cleaning piled undone at the dorm, he immediately became stressed and frustrated.


Being the clean freak that Mingyu is, he knew it was time to get cleaning! While the unending amount of chores could have been upsetting, Mingyu decided to have fun with it instead. Humming and dancing, Mingyu got started on laundry…


… and folding the dried towels hanging on the drying rack.


Take a look at how clean the dorm had become, with the slightest touch of Housewife Mingyu’s magic hands!


Then Mingyu moved on to recycling…


… and just turning the dorm squeaky clean in general!


Once Mingyu was through, the dorm looked nothing like it did before. Fans can’t believe how tidy Mingyu is – and are now demanding to know where they too can find a house cleaning fairy Mingyu for their own homes as well.


Watch the full clip here: