SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Clears His Bowl of Stew and Now Fans are Asking for His Mukbang Channel

He definitely loves eating!

On SEVENTEEN‘s YouTube channel, a video of Mingyu clearing a bowl of Korean pork rib stew was posted and it is now making all the fans hungry for some too. In the video, Mingyu shares how he likes to personalize his bowl of stew to fit his taste – and he looks so genuinely happy to be eating that CARATs are now begging him to open his own “Mukbang (먹방, food eating)” channel!


Mingyu explained that he stopped to dine at the pork rib stew restaurant because it is popular in the county of Yangpyeong area where he visited. In the video, he orders himself a bowl and gets excited about finally being able to try the menu!


When the server brings out the side dishes, Mingyu’s eyes start to sparkle. As soon as the bowl is served, he starts heavy breathing – which can be heard in the video. Just from this, CARATs can already tell Mingyu is most definitely the next big Mukbang YouTuber in the making.


Mingyu then proceeds to give his bowl of stew a good sniff – like a golden retriever he actually is – and can’t hide the big smile from spreading across his face. Fans find his pure excitement over food to be the most adorable thing ever!


Mingyu also shares his know-how on how to properly enjoy a pork rib stew. He likes to add a spoon of salt in his pork rib stew, to give it even more of a savory flavor. He also likes to add a bunch of spicy chili oil and give it a kick. As he personalized his bowl of stew, Mingyu gets super excited about how delicious it looks!


As Mingyu moves on to devour his pork rib stew, CARATs are unable to stop watching. Mingyu has the time of his life chomping on his stew and rice – with both cheeks puffy from so much food being stuffed inside – and fans can’t help but wonder why Mingyu still doesn’t have his own foodie show.


Hungry yet? Watching the whole clip will definitely give you a big appetite for some Korean food!