SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Created A New Word You’ll Want To Use ASAP

Everybody has someone or something that fits the word perfectly.

SEVENTEEN are talented in many ways, from creating amazing choreography to songs that only they can pull off. In the first part of The Battle Of Burgers, Mingyu proved they’re just as talented in creating new words.

Since Vernon, Mingyu, Woozi, and Seungkwan were competing for who could make the best burger, they couldn’t start without boasting about their skills.

Mingyu joked that he’d been working toward becoming a chef while he was a trainee. Woozi interjected by asking if he was trying to choose cooking over singing. Mingyu kept his joke going by saying he’d been working toward two dreams at once. Seungkwan wasn’t going to let it slide.

He used Mingyu’s joke against him to make his own funny jab, “So, you were practicing both to become a singer and a chef, and that was why it was hard for you to wake up…” It was such a clever turnaround that Woozi looked directly at Mingyu, arms crossed, waiting to hear what he’d say.

Mingyu was cornered without any clever explanation to give, so he created a new word. With a straight face, he confidently said, “Why are you twelving already?”

While Vernon stood by clueless, Woozi and Seungkwan laughed as they tried out the word for themselves. Although taken by surprise, Seungkwan instantly understood what it meant.

It was a play on words to mean annoying. Since twelve in Korean is shipi (십이) and annoying is shibi (시비), it was a clever way to combine the two for a whole new word. SEVENTEEN aren’t only giving Carats comedy, they’re teaching them Korean.

When you have a friend or sibling that’s being a little too annoying, twelving is the perfect word to use. Whether or not you want to tell them what it means is up to you.

Watch Mingyu and Seungkwan explain the new SEVENTEEN word to add to your vocabulary.