SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Destroys Stereotype That Tall Men Can’t Dance Well

Who says tall men can’t dance?

There’s a stereotype about tall men that says they can’t dance well – and there is some truth to the fact it is more difficult for taller dancers.

Some tall dancers struggle with balance and alignment, since they’ve got more mass to deal with, and it isn’t easy to spin unless you’re in perfect alignment.


But that definitely doesn’t mean tall men can’t dance, or have to look awkward doing it. Case in point – SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu, who totally destroys the stereotype!


At 186cm tall, Mingyu is the tallest member of SEVENTEEN and often sticks out in comparison to his fellow members. He even spoke out about how he wished he would stop growing.

The height difference between the members is fascinating.


And apparently he wasn’t the best dancer when he first became a trainee. He had to start from the basics.

He had to work really hard to get to where he is today.


But now, despite his stature and the difficulties that can be associated with it, he’s an amazing dancer!


He is always in control of his movements…


…And slays every single one.


He’s completely comfortable with his height and knows how to take advantage of it!


And look at the power he has coiled in those thighs!


He’s got all the swag – and a cute face to match!


So consider the myth completely busted. Keep doing what you’re doing, Mingyu!

Source: PANN CHOA and Dance Magazine