SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Calmly Fixed DK’s Hair… Only For DK To Retaliate Chaotically

We love the friendship between these two 😂

With so many energetic, humorous, and fun-loving members in SEVENTEEN, there are many great friendship pairings in the group that fans adore. And it’s easy to see why, based on their interactions!

Members DK and Mingyu are close in age, being less than two months apart when they were born, and the two seem to get along as well as any friends of the same age would!

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu (left) and DK (right)

Recently, a clip of the two interacting on a radio show from a couple of years ago has resurfaced on Twitter, and it showcases just what kind of silly and chaotic relationship they have!

While Mingyu carefully helps DK to fix his hair during the show, DK seems to want to return the favor for his fellow member… Only to do this to him instead.

Caption: “How can you hate Lee Seokmin and Kim Mingyu?”

Their laughing reaction to DK’s behavior is as adorable as their friendship, and we love to see any interactions like this between the two SEVENTEEN members!