SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Helping A Sick Jeonghan Will Warm Your Heart

This is what friends are for.

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan hasn’t been feeling well recently. It reached the point where he, and S.Coups, had to withdraw from their Ode To You concert stop in Jakarta.


Knowing that Jeonghan isn’t one hundred percent recovered just yet, Mingyu offered to relieve him of unnecessary stress while they were at the airport.

When someone isn’t feeling well, everything feels like a burden. That’s why Mingyu offered to carry Jeonghan’s bag. He initially laughed at the offer but allowed him to do so.

Mingyu took his job seriously, taking the bag without question, and handling it with care when they needed to pick up the pace.


With so many years of friendship between them, SEVENTEEN are a family. Anything they can do to help each other, regardless of whether or not they’re sick, they’ll do it no matter how small.