SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And Jeonghan Are Extreme Opposites But Also BFFs

Because opposites do attract.

Whenever they’re asked about the most drastically different members in the group, SEVENTEEN always answer Mingyu and Jeonghan. Since debut, these two have been nothing but extreme ends of a spectrum. Even their visuals – one pale and one dark – are complete opposites. Yet Mingyu and Jeonghan also get along very well – and Carats believe that’s the beauty of opposites attracting!


In the third episode of SVT Club, Mingyu and Jeonghan talked about how they have an unbridgeable gap between their likes and dislikes. For example, while Jeonghan can’t sleep with the lights or the music on, Mingyu prefers to have both of them on at night.


The two also talked about a time when they played a game of preferences, where each person had to pick between two choices given, and none of their answers matched!

There’s probably an edited version of this video somewhere, but we answered everything differently. Like say it was between pizza and chicken, I’d pick one and he’d pick the other… And none of them ever matched.

— Mingyu


Mingyu and Jeonghan got to play the game again on the show, in hopes of having mended their differences a little bit. After almost a decade of being teammates and inevitably growing into each other, the two did slightly better!


Between their choice of drinks, Jeonghan chose beer and Mingyu chose soju.


But between spicy chicken and friend chicken, both went for spicy!


Eventually the score was came out to be 5 out of 10. Members were surprised that Mingyu and Jeonghan were able to come this far – but Carats know 50% compatibility is far from being perfect soulmates.


Yet Mingyu and Jeonghan are exactly that – bros for life, BFFs, soulmates.

We get along fine though. Like we don’t have problems being together. We know how different we are, so we stay understanding of each other.

— Mingyu


They are inseparable friends who love each other to the moon and back, regardless of their differences!

I’d say we’ve got the most respectful friendship, actually. We know exactly what the other person doesn’t like – and so we’re able to work around those things. We’re extra considerate of each other’s needs and that has been really good for both of us.

— Jeonghan


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