This Member Is SEVENTEEN’s Official “Unofficial Hair Stylist” And Carats Love His Work

He has the magic touch.

Whenever SEVENTEEN members have a hair crisis, they all turn to one particular teammate. This member is SEVENTEEN’s official unofficial hair stylist and the go-to person for all beauty needs…


… and that’s Mingyu! For years, Mingyu has been taking care of the members’ hair needs.


Making sure each and every strand is where it belongs, Mingyu even earned himself the nickname of “Stylist Mingyu”…


… of the members’ favorite “Mingyu Salon” (or Mingyu Shop)! Carats would love to book an hair emergency appointment at this salon any day!


And this is an identity that Mingyu has wholesomely embraced. Look how actually professional AF he looks in this cheeky photoshoot:


Because Mingyu is detail-oriented and likes to use his hands, he is often spotted glamming up the members…


… and thanks to Mingyu’s keen eye for style, the members always look dapper in their dos!


Stylist Mingyu is definitely Carats’ favorite hair-fixer-upper for the members…


… and his influence has no limits. He’s branching out to fixing the styles of even other K-Pop boy group members, like ASTRO‘s Eunwoo!


Here’s to the handsomest hair stylist you’ve ever seen:

Source: THEQOO