SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Falls Victim To Another Prank By His Members And We Can’t Stop Laughing

He probably won’t be going to the bathroom mid-practice anymore!

SEVENTEEN loves pulling pranks on Mingyu, and it was no different when they were practicing for their performance at the 2020 Golden Disc Awards.


While practicing their choreography for “Left & Right”, Mingyu declared that he had to use the restroom. And that’s when the scheming began.

They ended up deciding on Mingyu doing a jumping motion and shaking his head while the rest of them did the normal choreography, and the members couldn’t wait to set their plan in motion. Even their dance teacher was in on it!

When Mingyu returned, the members showed him the new move they “integrated” into their choreography. He looked suspicious of the move, but nonetheless followed along.

Their plan worked beautifully, with Mingyu being the only one to jump up and do the hilarious made up move. The members immediately collapsed in laughter as Mingyu realized what had just happened.

Mingyu just can’t seem to get any peace!

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