SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s Reaction To Dino Stealing His Answer Right From Under His Nose Is Priceless

Get ready for a new meme.

When it comes to the funniest reactions, SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu never lets anyone down, especially when he’s particularly focused on something.

He didn’t disappoint in an unreleased IF clip featuring Dino, who had him instantly reacting when stealing an answer right from under his nose.

For a round of their game, the members had to guess how many times the lyrics of their debut song “Adore U” used the word “say.” If you’ve heard the song, you know that it’s more than a few times.

They didn’t have any time to waste, DK and Seungkwan mumbling the song to themselves as they held up their fingers to count. They noticed someone who hadn’t been doing the same.

Mingyu was in his own world. Although it looked like he was staring into space, he was hard at work on the task, playing the entire song in his head. All of that hard work was about it pay off, at least that’s what he thought.

As the members placed their faces in front of the camera and gave the wrong numbers, Mingyu had a smug smile on his face. He knew those points were going to be his, so much so that he didn’t feel the need to rush to answer. That was his mistake.

After DK gave yet another wrong answer, Mingyu took his time to finally line up behind them and knock them out of the running. With Dino being next, he didn’t have the chance. He ended the whole thing with, “The answer is 35.”

Mingyu didn’t have to wait for confirmation if it was correct. As soon as he heard the number, that smile instantly dropped and was replaced with a confused frown. He hadn’t expected anyone besides himself to get it right. The facial expression was ready to be turned into a meme, with the editors even freezing the moment.

It was so funny that DK couldn’t help but burst into laughter and point out Mingyu’s disappointed expression. By that point, Mingyu could only chuckle as well at his unplanned defeat.

Watch Dino surprise Mingyu by snatching up the opportunity to answer here.