Here’s How SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Suddenly Rose To The Top Of The Real-Time Search Ranking

Fans made it happen.

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu recently held a live broadcast session in celebration of his birthday and soon after rose to the top of the real-time search ranking.

During the broadcast, Mingyu suddenly said that he was curious about something and wondered if the 400,000 viewers who were watching him were to type in SEVENTEEN Mingyu in Naver search, whether he would be able to make it to the ranking or not.


As a result, fans really got Mingyu up to No.8 on the real-time search ranking!


Surprised by the results, Mingyu apparently expressed his love and thanked his fans over and over again.


And while he was excited after gaining a spot on the real-time search ranking and eating his delivered food…


He even had articles written about it!

“SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu rises to search ranking with live mukbang”


Meanwhile, Mingyu continued his live broadcast eating dessert and filmed until his phone battery went out.


After his name rose to the search ranking, he asked fans to put “SEVENTEEN Carat” on the list too. As a result, “SEVENTEEN Carat” was No.1 on the rapidly rising search terms list in the “Teen” category.

The power of Carats!

Source: Pann Nate