SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Steals Attention And Hearts With His Upgraded Fashion

He looked like the cutest bear!

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu upgraded his wardrobe and fashion after appearing in the rehearsals for MBC’s Gayo Daejejeon all warm and bundled up in his red puffy padded jacket!

CARATs loved the look because it made Mingyu look like a cute baby! Fans were also amazed at how Mingyu managed to look adorable while dancing to “HIT,” which completely goes against the word “cute.”

At the same time, Mingyu also managed to still look handsome and cool in this padded jacket which showed his visuals versatility and his crazy duality that can make any CARAT insane!

Meanwhile, there were also CARATs who made fun of Mingyu and compared him to a hotdog out of love!

Although it was funny, Mingyu definitely pulled the look off! He still looked like the tall and handsome model many fans have dubbed him as!

This look stood out and will definitely be remembered by CARATs forever!