SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Reveals Why Suits Are The Trickiest Stage Outfit To Perform In

He spilled the tea on how hard it is to wear, even though it looks so stylish.

SEVENTEEN‘s recent sit-down with Refinery29 provided the group an opportunity to share more about what happens behind-the-scenes and moments that fans wouldn’t know about. One of those topics was which stage outfit was the toughest to wear when performing, which Mingyu took the lead on.

Rather than choosing any stage outfits from their past comebacks, Mingyu chose their current titled track: “Personally, our attire for ‘HOME;RUN’ was difficult to perform in.” He revealed that suits were one of the most difficult outfits to move freely in, “It is always tricky to dance in suits.

After the members heard Mingyu’s response, many of them agreed with his point. But not all stage outfits were so tough to handle.

Mingyu shared that most outfits specifically made for performances were stretchy enough to make dancing easy. “Customized outfits are generally more comfortable because we can be flexible with the material.

Suits were a completely different story. Though they are fitted for each member, the material used couldn’t be made as flexible for smoother movement. “But for suits, that isn’t as easy.

From the energy and charisma that SEVENTEEN performs within their suits, no one would’ve been able to figure how much of a struggle it was to make their dancing seem so effortless.

Watch Mingyu spill the tea on how difficult wearing their stylish suits on stage could be, around 5:52.