SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Used To Believe A 13 Member Group Was Too Big But Has Now Changed His Mind—The Reason Is So Sweet

13 members is a lot to many people, but not Mingyu.

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu recently participated in a handsome pictorial as well as an interesting interview with 1st Look Korea! In his interview, Mingyu discussed his group and its many members!

For those unfamiliar with SEVENTEEN, the talented group has 13 members in total and while that may sound like a lot to many, Mingyu stated that he is completely used to it now.

Mingyu explained that he has become so used to the big size of his group that it really stands out to him when merely one member is missing.

I used to think that 13 members is a lot, but now I feel empty even when just one member is missing. You can tell when we eat (when a member is gone).

— Mingyu

Mingyu and his fellow members aren’t the only ones who have gotten used to their size, but employees at the company as well.

In company, there’s a joke saying ‘If you feel empty with one less member, it means you’ve completely adjusted (to SEVENTEEN).’

— Mingyu

Source: Star News