SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Took A Tumble On Stage From His Own Hyperness

Hoshi had seen enough to laugh.

A clip from SEVENTEEN‘s “Snap Shoot” performance during SBS‘s Gayo Daejun has recently been released and making fans burst into laughter over their shenanigans, especially Mingyu‘s.


It started off normally, at least for SEVENTEEN.

Hoshi and Mingyu were jamming out together. They fed off each other’s energy as they jumped up and down in excitement and waved their hands back and forth.

After hitting what seemed to be the final dance move along with Vernon and The8, they waved and pretended to leave the stage. If you know them, that was far from the end and where things became funnier for Mingyu.

Mingyu whipped around and jumped back to where he was standing before. He put so much force and enthusiasm into it that it was too much, even for him.

It caused him to fall flat on his butt while everyone else focused on executing their funniest dance moves.

It was no big deal for Mingyu, though. He instantly laughed it off along with Hoshi, who helped him stand back up as soon as he realized. Meanwhile, Jun was on the side, cracking up as he watched the whole thing happen.

Mingyu is such a playful force to be reckoned with that he needs protection from his own shenanigans. See him take a hilarious yet harmless tumble here.