SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And Vernon Were Ready To Throw Hands Over Taking Selcas

Taking those cute selcas aren’t as easy as they seem, at least for Vernon and Mingyu.

For a mission given to him by ELLE Korea, SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon had to take a cute selca with his members. Spotting Mingyu, he decided they should complete it together. He had no idea what he was in for.


After telling Mingyu three times that they were trying to take cute photos, he finally listened. When he saw Vernon’s “cute” pose, though, Mingyu just couldn’t accept it.

Is it cute…that? Are you kidding?

Thinking the next photo would be better, they moved on. Mingyu still wasn’t satisfied with Vernon’s “cuteness” and had to take a step away from him.

By now, Vernon was just a bit irritated, which is extremely rare, and urged Mingyu to continue taking the photos. They both were feeling frustrated, the looks on their faces saying it all.

To make the situation funnier, Vernon asked if Mingyu was taking the photos properly because it was taking so long. He said that he was, followed by even more bickering between them.

Is hyung doing it right?

In the end, the photos were indeed cute. Who knew taking them was such a hassle? See Vernon and Mingyu ready to throw hands out of frustration here.