SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s Visual Upgrade Will Show You How Hairlines Can Make A Difference

It’s a small change, but it sure has an impact.

When SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu debuted in 2015, he was already a visual sensation.


Even in his teen ages, Mingyu was the “complete package” with the talent, appearance, and personality.

mingyu 2

While it seemed impossible for the flawless Mingyu to become any better…

mingyu 4


… his face became exponentially hotter when he made slight changes to his hairline! While as a rookie, Mingyu had an M-shaped forehead with his natural hairline…

mingyu 3

… over the years, he made gradual change to a straight and edgy hairline.

mingyu 5


Now, with a more defined hairline, Mingyu got that chic-sexy, masculine vibe boosted to the max!

mingyu final

During SEVENTEEN’s most recent promotions, of mega bops like “HIT” and “Fear”, Mingyu made sure the world got a peek at his amazing hairline…

mingyu 7

… although, with a face like this, the hairline is likely the last thing on anyone’s mind!


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Source: Nate Pann
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