SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu And Wonwoo Reveal Their Favorite Qualities Of Each Other

It is impossible to just pick one!

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu And Wonwoo recently appeared in a video for Seventeen‘s YouTube channel after releasing their new digital track “Bittersweet,” discussing their long friendship.

During the video, the duo was asked several questions about each other from their first impressions, emojis, and how they make each other laugh. One of those was what the best thing about each other was.

Without even a second thought, Wonwoo praised Mingyu for his positive personality, which is vital during long and grueling schedules.

Mingyu’s really cheerful. He has a natural ability to spread his bright, positive energy.

— Wonwoo

When it was Mingyu’s turn, rather than just one, he explained that Wonwoo “has a lot of strengths.”

I think his physical attributes are really good. He’s good-looking. He has a good voice.

— Mingyu

Yet, even with all those positives, the attribute Wonwoo has, which is Mingyu’s favorite, is more internal and is something that anyone would love to have.

All in all, my favorite attribute is his confidence. The fact that he always feels so confident about his own life is really nice to see.

— Mingyu

It seems as if, despite their good looks and talent, the stand-out features in Mingyu and Wonwoo focus more on their personality traits.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Seventeen