SEVENTEEN Was Once Mistaken For TWICE, Here’s The Silly Reason Why

Seungkwan was embarrassed from the funny way he handled it.

At the mention of SEVENTEEN and TWICE, the two groups don’t seem to have anything in common other than being idol groups. Still, that didn’t stop someone from mistaking the two for each other.

While that could hurt a group’s feelings not to be recognized, it didn’t phase SEVENTEEN, who gave an explanation just as silly.

| Show Champion

During a live broadcast for their pre-debut show SEVENTEEN Project, Mingyu, Hoshi, Seungkwan, and Wonwoo were the featured members. As they read comments, Seungkwan noticed one that was too funny not to mention.

While the rest of them laughed, he read the question aloud. A commenter had asked for confirmation that SEVENTEEN was instead JYP Entertainment‘s girl group.

Seungkwan politely cleared the misunderstanding up, “We’re SEVENTEEN Project.” The commenter had simply mixed up the shows of the two groups.

Seungkwan pointed out that TWICE’s show had been titled SIXTEEN while SEVENTEEN’s was SEVENTEEN Project. He even took his explanation a step further by giving a familiar example to differentiate between them.

To refresh everyone’s memories about JYP Entertainment’s girl groups, Seungkwan began to sing Miss A‘s “Only You”. The rest of the members didn’t leave him hanging. Wonwoo, Hoshi, and Mingyu sang and danced along with him.

Afterwards, Seungkwan was so embarrassed by the sudden performance that he tried to hide by covering his face.

If someone had only heard the names SEVENTEEN and SIXTEEN, it wouldn’t be too hard to confuse the two. They’re only one number away from each other.

Fortunately, they didn’t have to worry about being mistaken for each other years later. After all, TWICE and SEVENTEEN are different forms of numbers.