SEVENTEEN Once Revealed How Chaotic Their Group Chat Can Get

“That’s dangerous.”

In an episode of SVT CLUB, the members of SEVENTEEN revealed things that collect and it turned into quite a hilarious discussion.

When Jun‘s turn came around, he revealed that he likes to collect pictures, specifically funny ones. Jun shared, “I collect pictures. The pictures we share in the group chat room. I collect funny pictures.

Vernon already predicted where the conversation was going and stated, “That’s dangerous.”

To clarify, Mingyu explained what Jun meant and shared, “We use our funny pictures instead of emoticons. We use it as emojis.

Furthermore, Hoshi claimed that there’s no stopping after just one funny photo of a member is sent. Once one picture is sent in the group chat, everyone else starts to send more hilarious pictures.

In our group chat room, when someone starts sharing embarrasing pictures, we go crazy.

— Hoshi

While the members were sharing the chaotic part of the group chat, Jun commented that he only saves the cute pictures of his members.

It’s nothing risky. I collect cute ones and heart-warming pictures in the album.

— Jun

Hilariously, Mingyu admitted that, although there are some sweet photos of the members in the chat, there are also some very risky photos!

But we end up sharing our almost nude pictures at the end. It gets crazy.

— Mingyu

The members and the show’s MC Kim Hwan exploded with laughter. Kim Hwan also made a good point of how the members can all look back on the photos several years later and have a good laugh.

When you look at them many years from now, rather than nice-looking selfies, silly pictures remain in our memories longer. And we’d want to save them.

— Kim Hwan

Seungkwan shared that it would be nice if they could later share their goofy photos at one of their fan meets later on.

We didn’t get to reveal our funny pictures for the sake of our image. It’d be nice to share our funny pictures at a fan meeting event. I thought about it. We could show our funny pictures on the huge LED screen.

— Seungkwan

The members gave a positive response to Seungkwan’s idea and the episode gave a little sneak peek of the group’s funny pictures!

Source: Naver TV