SEVENTEEN Once Revealed Which Members Are The “Hipsters” Of The Group And Why

“I think it’s cool that they try to be different and find their own color.”

On an episode of SEVENTEEN‘s SVT CLUB, The host, Kim Hwan, asked which members are the “Hipster” of the group and why.

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The question was brought up when Kim Hwan shared, “You guys looked like hipsters” to which many of the members were adorably confused as they weren’t exactly sure what the term “Hipster” meant. Luckily Joshua came to the rescue and clarified what “Hipster” means.

Hipster means a person who is very trendy. Being outside the trend hipsters have their own style. It’s like you don’t follow the trend.

— Joshua

Kim Hwan confirmed Joshua’s answer and added, “Hipsters reject anything deemed mainstream and have their own unique style in terms of fashion, music, and culture.”

Vernon shared, “I think it’s cool that they try to be different and find their own color. I think I tend to try and do that.”

According to the Wonwoo, Vernon’s opinion of himself is correct! When asked, “Who would you think are the hipsters among you?” Wonwoo replied that Vernon is definitely the hipster of SEVENTEEN and explained why.

Definitely Vernon. Vernon alwas says this, ‘Don’t try to fit yourself into others’ standard of beauty. Create your own style. He always says things like that.

— Wonwoo

Jun added that Hoshi is also a hipster through his unique choreography.

I think Hoshi really looks like a hipster when he puts together music and performances. He can express his own color so well. Because when he’s on a stage he becomes so confident.

— Jun

All the members of SEVENTEEN have their own unique colors and together they combined their amazing charm on stage!



Source: Naver TV