SEVENTEEN Open Up About Rigorous Training Period

They all worked hard to be the top idols that they are now!

During a recent live broadcast, the SEVENTEEN members conversed about their experiences back when they were trainees and opened up about the difficult experiences they had.

The members said that enduring their training period really showed how persevering they were. Jeonghan mentioned that when he joined the entertainment agency as a trainee, 22 trainees left. Members who trained longer than Jeonghan said that even before he joined, a lot of trainees previously left as well.

Hoshi shared that they had Korean Traditional Classes and some skipped it when they were sick, but Jeonghan never skipped classes and that he always works hard.

Mingyu commented that it was only natural that they were struggling as trainees because that period in their lives was a really difficult time.

DK also mentioned that when he first joined the agency he had such a difficult time for the first two – three weeks to the point that he thought about quitting.

Hoshi adds that it was difficult to train and go to school at the same time. To add to that, Woozi shared that when he went to school, he had friends who were trainees as well or who were involved in the entertainment industry, and through those friends he came to find out that training in PLEDIS Entertainment was notably difficult.

Woozi says that because of the rigorous training they went through, they now have skills that no one can doubt, and the members agreed in response. The members also thanked their agency afterwards.

After working hard for a long time, they fulfilled what once was their goal and dream, and made their debut as SEVENTEEN in 2015 with 13 members, and is now recognized as one of the top K-Pop artists of this generation.

Watch the full broadcast here:


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