SEVENTEEN Opens Up About The Pressure Of Being Sunbaes

Being role models weighs heavy on them.

On the final part of SEVENTEEN‘s camping trip for Going SEVENTEEN, they took out the alcohol and shared their deep thoughts about themselves as a group.


Woozi pointed out when he started realizing that other idols looked up to them. As the years went by, he noticed junior artists greeting them with such joy that it reminded him of how he would greet their seniors.

When we are getting old and when we walk down the hallway, other idols say hi to us. Enthusiastically. That made me realize that I used to feel the same.

Seungkwan thought the same, remembering how happy he’d been to share the same stage with their seniors. Now, they’ve become the seniors that other juniors are looking up to. He admitted to feeling pressure because of that, and the rest of them agreed.

There were so many people who we looked up to, and we were just happy about the fact that we were able to be on the same stage with them. But, now we are [those] people who get looked up [to] by everyone. All [of a] sudden, I feel [the] pressure.

Even so, Seungkwan could see how junior artists gained strength from them in the same way that Carats do. If fans can become inspired to pursue their dreams because of SEVENTEEN, so can junior idols.

I feel like they are looking at us like that. These people, like Carats, are going to dream their own dreams by looking at us. They can be encouraged.

Hoshi even mentioned how he’d looked up to their seniors SHINee when pursuing his dreams. Because of this, Leader S.Coups agreed with the pressure to be role models and revealed that having those eyes on them isn’t something to take lightly.

Thinking that there are people who look at us like that, you can’t think of it as easy.

To show how they’ve reached this mindset, Seungkwan remembered how excited he’d been when they were the last act for performances. He then realized how big of a responsibility it was to show the best side of themselves.

Even just 1, 2 years ago, I liked that we were the last in order, and thought, “Wow, we’re the ending.” But, now I feel this great responsibility. And, it couldn’t be that lighthearted anymore.

Despite the pressure of being sunbaes to their hoobaes, SEVENTEEN go on every stage to show their unique color the best way they can. Listen to their honest thoughts about the pressure here.