SEVENTEEN’s Performance Team Argued A Lot After Becoming A Unit, Here’s Why

Hoshi and Dino were amused just by remembering it.

On the third episode of SEVENTEEN’s Dawn Is Hotter Than Day, SEVENTEEN‘s Performance Team gathered to answer some questions about their team dynamic. In the process, they shared the understandable reason they used to argue so much.

Dino, THE8, Jun, and Hoshi.

A question asked about the first time they bonded as a team. THE8 immediately took it in a funny direction by admitting that he could only remember the opposite.

Amusing Hoshi and Dino, THE8 said, “I don’t remember our first time bonding. I just remember we kept fighting.

Although Dino couldn’t remember, THE8 revealed that they didn’t let it interfere with their work. He said, “Whenever we tried to make something, we don’t fight anymore.

Though THE8 couldn’t remember what caused their fights before debuting, he explained what caused bickering from the time they released “HIGHLIGHT”.

Dino had this idea, and Hoshi had another. I had an idea, and Jun had another one. We all thought our own opinions were correct, and I remembered we clashed a lot.

— THE8

All their bickering paid off in the best way, though. THE8 added, “I think that might have brought us closer.

With all four of the Performance Team members having their own styles and likes, that’s what makes them all the more unique when coming together and forming something refreshing.

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