SEVENTEEN’s “Pretty U” Sofa Choreography Was Inspired By…Waffles

Hoshi shared how waffles led to the iconic choreography.

When the members of SEVENTEEN say they receive inspiration from everyday life, they mean it—especially when sharing why they used a sofa for “Pretty U”.

Hoshi revealed how a taste for waffles ended up creating the wonderful choreography that fans know and love.

Hoshi | Weverse

When MMTG‘s MC Jae Jae asked how the idea came about for the choreography of “Pretty U”, Hoshi remembered reaching a point where they “were stuck with the choreography.

Hoshi and their choreographer Young Jun did what any other person would do when they hit a roadblock. They decided to eat at a late-night eatery that served waffles.

So Young Jun and I were like, ‘What should we do?’ And there’s a waffle place in Gangnam that stays open late.

— Hoshi

Hoshi’s story took such an unexpected turn that Seungkwan‘s jaw hilariously dropped to the floor.

When the two of them reached the restaurant, Hoshi recalled that they “sat on the sofa.” That’s when inspiration struck Young Jun, and he “suddenly started doing something weird.

The “weird” moves their choreographer made turned out to be the choreography they needed. Hoshi imitated how quickly they agreed to use it. There was one problem, though.

Young Jun: Hoshi, this is it.

Hoshi: Really? Shall we try it?

Hoshi revealed their “CEO first said no to the sofa” but changed their mind after receiving a briefing from Hoshi and their choreographer Hye Rim.

If Hoshi and Young Jun hadn’t craved late-night waffles, the choreography for “Pretty U” might’ve turned out completely different.