SEVENTEEN Reveal The Worst Mistake They’ve Made Since Debut

It’s not as bad as you’d think.

SEVENTEEN was asked what their worst mistake had been in all of the years since they had debuted, and they remembered it like it was yesterday.


Leader S.Coups said that it happened during their solo concert a year into their debut.

During their ballad song “When I Grow Up”, the vocal team were all dressed in suits except for one. And, Woozi couldn’t hide his smile at what they’d worn instead.

Not only had Seungkwan worn the wrong outfit, it was completely out of place. He had on a striped shirt with his name across the back and matching shorts.

Woozi and Vernon hadn’t been lying when they said it stood out, especially for such a sad song.

It seems like the worst mistake they ever made may have just been their funniest.

See Seungkwan power through the embarrassment.

Source: Forbes