SEVENTEEN Didn’t Hold Back In Revealing Their Unfiltered Thoughts About Hoshi

The8 was ready: “Do I have to say something nice?”

SEVENTEEN‘s thirteen members make it easy for fans to find at least one that makes them laugh. One of the members that never fails to cheer everyone up—even his fellow members—is Hoshi with his winning personality.

In SEVENTEEN: HIT THE ROAD, the members laid out their honest thoughts about how they viewed him. In the end, they all seemed to come to one hilarious conclusion.

Wonwoo was the first to try to put Hoshi into words. Stumbling a little, he managed to describe his fiery personality. Laughing, he said, “Our Hoshi is…a passionate…friend.” The8 took a different approach.

When asked the same question, his savage side came right out. The8 asked, “Do I have to say something nice? Or…”

Wanting to hear what he’d say, another member encouraged him to let it out, “Oh no, just be honest with yourself.”

Frowning his face in the most hilarious way, The8 didn’t hold back. He explained, “Um… I should say… A bit of an attention seeker.” The bold statement even had Hoshi bursting into laughter.

Realizing that it might’ve sounded too harsh and left out Hoshi’s charms, he fixed it to soften the blow. With a smile, he stated, “A bit of a cute attention seeker?” Hoshi agreed with that.

Although they didn’t disagree with The8, Woozi was the one who hit the nail on the head. He didn’t beat around the bush, “Hoshi is a lunatic.”

It turned out to be precisely what everyone else had been thinking. He’d taken the words right out of another member’s mouth, “That was what I was going to say.”

Woozi didn’t leave everyone hanging. He had an explanation. Hoshi was wild because of one thing: “He can’t do that with a normal mind. He’s insane.”

After hearing everyone’s words about him, Hoshi couldn’t deny all of them. Smiling, he decided, “Since more than two of the members said that I am a lunatic, I’ll just be a lunatic.”

If Hoshi is even wilder than the side he shows Carats, then he’s the best kind of lunatic. Watch their humorous explanations for his wild personality here.