SEVENTEEN Reveals Their 13-Member Team Wouldn’t Work Without These 3 Things

It’s how they keep everything together.

SEVENTEEN was featured in Marie Claire magazine where they shared some of the wisdom they gained from years of being together as a group.

Having successfully made a group of thirteen members work, they were asked what advice they would give to someone who has to complete a task with thirteen of their friends.

So, Jeonghan said the ability to understand everyone’s differences because it instantly makes the atmosphere more comfortable for everyone. And, Joshua elaborated on this answer.

He shared that they have to be very considerate of each other. This is generally an important skill to have, but it comes into bigger play when such a large amount of people are involved.

Because of their different personalities and perspectives, Vernon said it was also very important to remember there isn’t a set standard for anything. As long as they can all agree on it, that’s what matters.

These are the important things that SEVENTEEN have kept in mind when interacting with each other, and they’ve certainly helped them come a long way.