SEVENTEEN Reveals What They Learned Through The Difficulties Of Making Their Self-Produced GOING Magazine

They did an incredible job!

In an interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, the four talented members of SEVENTEEN, Mingyu, Jeonghan, Wonwoo, and THE8 discussed their feelings toward their incredibly self-produced magazine for GOING SEVENTEEN.

A bit of background for those unaware of SEVENTEEN’s GOING magazine, the group conducted their own photoshoot during an episode of their hit variety series, GOING SEVENTEEN, to create an incredible magazine all on their own.


Each member had a role, such as hairstylists, interviewer, stylist, and more. Everything, of course, turned out amazing and the magazine was overall successful! The magazine was so well-received that it had several rounds of pre-orders due to its high demand among Carats.

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In their interview, the members mentioned how much hard work creating their own magazine was and how they took on each of their roles.

Q: SEVENTEEN is great at being musicians and models, in addition to that, all 13 members are active in creating their own content. Recently, you guys published your own magazine, GOING, which you guys planned and filmed on your own.

That’s right. Jeonghan was the digital interviewer, Wonwoo was the videographer, Mingyu was the editor and photographer, and I participated as the stylist. Woozi was the hairstylist and Dino was the assistant for the photoshoot. All the members worked hard in their respective roles.

— THE8

THE8 | @pledis_17/Twitter

With creating their own magazine, Mingyu shared he really learned how difficult the job of an editor is.

Q: How was it planning and filming on a scale from 1 to 10?

In preparing for the GOING magazine, it was a time I could experience the hard work and pain that editors go through firsthand. We had to agree on a concept and there was also a lot of preparation right up until the actual photoshoot. As we reached the later parts of the production, there were even more things to think about like the layout of the images and the font. It wasn’t easy, but I’m proud to have created a photo book with all 13 of us together.

— Mingyu

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Wonwoo shared his and Mingyu’s experience with editing in the past and how they realized their improvement through creating GOING.

Two year ago, Mingyu and I filmed and edited a music video for a B-side track. Compared to back then, the production of the GOING magazine was a time we realize to develop the picture we had imagined and improve ourselves even more. And it was meaningful work that all of SEVENTEEN worked hard to create it.

— Wonwoo


Jeonghan revealed the struggle of interviewing so many people. Adorably, Jeonghan claimed he got a sore throat from interviewing each of his members.

I conducted a digital interview with Vernon and the members, but my throat hurt so much (laughs).

— Jeonghan

Jeonghan | @pledis_17/Twitter

Wonwoo shared that he even conducted an extra shoot for the digital interview due to a lack of sources.

We also did an extra shoot for the digitial interview that Jeonghan did because there were not enough sources when I was editing.

— Wonwoo


Really? As an excuse, I had a sore throat, so it wasn’t easy to interview all the members with sincerity.

— Jeonghan

Source: Cosmopolitan Korea


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