SEVENTEEN Reveals What New Individual Charms They’d Like To Show Carats

They’re all so charming!

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan, Wonwoo, THE8, and Mingyu recently took part in an eye-catching pictorial and intriguing interview with Cosmopolitan Korea.

During their interview, the members were questioned on what they’d like to show off to their Carats that they perhaps haven’t had the chance to show yet. For Jeonghan, he shared that just being ‘SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan’ was more than enough for him.

Q: Each and every member possesses a variety of charms, but is there any aspect that you want to stand out a little more in the public?

Standing in front of Carats as ‘SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan,’ I think that’s the best moment ever. It won’t change even in the future. We don’t even have enough time to show our fans our pretty and cool sides, so rather than showing a new side, I want to get along wit Carats just as we are now. And if you look back at these moments, they’re all happy memories, so wouldn’t this be enough for me?

—  Jeonghan

Jeonghan | Cosmopolitan Korea

THE8 revealed that he’d like to show his great interest in skills such as composing songs, fashion, and other fields of the arts.

I have been working hard on composing these days. I’m still lacking but I want to expand my capabilities in variety. I also like fashion, and I have a lot of interest in all fields of the arts.

—  THE8

THE8 | Cosmopolitan Korea

As for Wonwoo, he commented on how he’d like to improve in photography and video editing and link it to their music!

Rather than a new look, we want to develop more by linking the photographs and video works that we are interested in these days with Seventeen’s music. I’m getting more and more ambitious.

— Wonwoo

Wonwoo | Cosmopolitan Korea

Since Mingyu had recently proven his photography skills with the group’s self-produced magazine GOING, he mentioned how he’d like to continue improving his photography and videography skills with Wonwoo.

That’s right. I want to work on photography and videography with Wonwoo and hold an exhibition to show Carats a new side of me through a variety of pictorials. I want to do photoshoots until I die.

— Mingyu

Mingyu | Cosmopolitan Korea
Source: Cosmopolitan Korea