SEVENTEEN Reveals How Their Lives Have Changed From When They Were Rookies

Things have changed a lot for SEVENTEEN.

In a recent radio broadcast, SEVENTEEN members spoke about how their lives have changed since their debut, saying there are only three main differences.

They said now they can eat whatever they want when they go to a restaurant, and they travel around in three cars instead of one – three third generation cars.


Seungkwan said he has “become a 3rd generation man.”

The six SEVENTEEN members also talked about the rings they have been wearing since before their debut.

We wear the ring all the time. 24 hours a day. — SEVENTEEN

Seungkwan said the rings have changed as the group’s popularity increased.


“It was a silver ring when we debuted. After that, when we began doing well, we got a little diamond in it. Now the company has turned it into a platinum ring.” — Seungkwan 

SEVENTEEN also revealed their nicknames were given to them by their company, Pledis Entertainment, so they have a great relationship with their agency!