SEVENTEEN Reveals The Origin Of Their Close Relationship With MONSTA X

Monteen is the friendship that never dies.

In 2015, MONSTA X debuted on May 14 with the song “Trespass” under Starship Entertainment and SEVENTEEN debuted shortly after on May 26 with “Adore U” under Pledis Entertainment.


During a live broadcast, SEVENTEEN members Seungkwan and Dino revealed details about their special relationship with MONSTA X.

At the thought of MONSTA X, Seungkwan and Dino immediately referred to them as their brothers even before saying their name out loud.

Seungkwan shared that there had been friendly competition between them in the past because they had both been newly-debuted rookies. And, they had used that as an opportunity to grow.

Dino shared that he had admired MONSTA X because they were able to perform a cool song while SEVENTEEN’s “Adore U” had been cheerful. Seungkwan nodded in agreement.

Seungkwan even revealed that all 13 members of SEVENTEEN used to share a small waiting room with the 7 members of MONSTA X. That’s 20 people in one room, not including both of the groups’ staff members.

It seems like they’ve shared many memories together over the years, and it explains why their friendship is as strong as it is and how the term “Monteen” was born.

Listen to Dino and Seungkwan reminisce about their past with MONSTA X at 35:35.