SEVENTEEN Discusses The Group’s Strong Teamwork And Their Sweet Words Will Melt Your Heart

They truly are a family!

SEVENTEEN has been dominating with their several recent overseas promotions and growing popularity. Most recently, SEVENTEEN performed their popular song “HIT” on The Ellen Show and also gave an intriguing interview!

In their interview with The Ellen Show, the group was asked to talk about the topic of teamwork. While the members of SEVENTEEN have displayed their close relationships with one another countless times, they shared more sweet details behind their bond.

For Wonwoo, he shared that he believes all thirteen of them coming together was simply fate!

The fact that all 13 of us were brought together and were able to build such strong teamwork feels like fate.

— Wonwoo

Jeonghan expressed that because of how long they’ve been together, their teamwork is something that just comes naturally to them now.

Teamwork is something that just comes naturally to use now because we’ve spent so much time together.

— Jeonghan

Woozi agreed with Jeonghan that the time they’ve spent together has definitely benefitted them in teamwork. Woozi also added that the group members are basically a family.

We’ve lived together for so long now and spent so much time with each other. We’re basically family. So we don’t really think ‘Oh, we have to protect this team and focus on our teamwork. I don’t think we’ve come this far with that kind of fixed mindset, rather we’re considerate and understanding of each other just like real brothers. Wouldn’t that be the ‘secret’ to our strong teamwork?

— Woozi

SEVENTEEN’s maknae Dino claimed that the several memories they share play a tremendous part in their great teamwork as well as the support from Carats!

I think our memories together played a huge role in our strong teamwork. Because we have all these shared memories, the members could form strong relationships. Words aren’t even needed anymore. Even before our debut, when were training, the memories we made and the things we went through brought us together. And our Carats played a huge role in strengthing our teamwork as well.

— Dino

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