SEVENTEEN Saved Jun From Accidentally Flashing The Middle Finger

Hoshi was one of the members who caught it instantly.

As one of SEVENTEEN‘s foreign members, Jun made an understandable mistake in Korean that had the rest of the members reacting quickly and bursting into laughter.


In the first part of GOING SEVENTEEN‘s Ad-Lib special, Jun wanted to apply his signature “1+1” phrase to the challenge by breaking down one word into two parts. Jun said, “If we have 1+1, we can’t just do ‘so.’ We need to split it up.

When Jun wrote an s and an o separately on the board, he ran into a problem he hadn’t expected. As he finished, Hoshi immediately realized what Jun had done and burst into laughter. The other members were just as amused.

Woozi and DK jumped out of their seats and ran up to cover Jun’s mishap. Woozi made it to the board first while saying, “Wait, this… This cannot be broadcasted.

The members—including Jun—couldn’t help but chuckle. S.Coups laughed as he agreed with Woozi’s thoughts, “I don’t think you should split that.

The mishap was made funnier by Woozi’s next words, “Our video is for all viewers.” Though viewers were initially confused by the members’ reactions, removing the top part of so (소) is commonly used as slang for the middle finger.

That’s why Hoshi had been surprised when a fan accidentally used it on Weverse, warning them to be careful with their spelling.

Check out their hilarious reactions to Jun’s innocent mishap and teaching a mini Korean lesson along the way.