SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Becomes Exponentially Cuter When He’s Scared For His Life

He becomes cute enough that it just might save him.

In a past episode of Going Seventeen, the show tried to scare SEVENTEEN‘s S.Coups by locking him in a room with four fake mannequins. He is, however, a type of person who explodes with aegyo when he’s terrified – so the whole experiment ended up capturing how exponentially cuter S.Coups can become!


As he walked in to a small enclosed area with seemingly random and harmless mannequins, S.Coups sensed something fishy about the surroundings. He immediately put his guard up, suspecting everything and believing nothing…


S.Coups, from then on, tried to focus on the interview, but couldn’t help suspect something horrible was about to happen to him…


And when it did, S.Coups pulled out his strongest defense tactic – which is aegyo.

Are they real? They’re real! Oh my gosh, they’re people. This is so weird. Please don’t move!

— S.Coups


When the interviewer, who is to blame(?) for S.Coups’s cuteness overload, tried to leave the room, S.Coups begged him to stay – and it made the viewers drop all their UWUs.

Hyung, please don’t leave. Where are you going? Don’t leave! I know what this is, but I’m still scared!!!

— S.Coups


Left alone with such life-threatening mannequins, S.Coups opted to “Gently Engage With Suspects”. He tried to cutesy his way into their hearts and out of the room…

Please don’t hurt me…!

— S.Coups


… which didn’t work on the mannequins, but more than 200% did for Carats!


Watch the full clip here: