SEVENTEEN S.Coups’s Biggest Fears Will Make You Agree With Him

Anyone can relate to at least one of them.

Because everyone has something they’re afraid of, SEVENTEEN‘s S.Coups sat down with Allure Korea to share some of his.

S.Coups | @sound_of_coups/Instagram

One of the questions the leader received from fans asked what he was “most scared of.” S.Coups wasn’t limited to just one.

He admitted he was “scared of ghosts,” “[trying] new things,” and “heights.” There was one that S.Coups feared most, though.

Out of them all, S.Coups couldn’t bear to handle the supernatural. With a smile, he admitted, “I haven’t seen ghosts, but I don’t ever want to. I’m so scared.

Even though S.Coups may look charismatic on stage, he’s just a cinnamon roll on the inside. After all, who hasn’t been afraid of one of those fears in their entire life?

| @sound_of_coups/Instagram

Watch S.Coups list the fears that everyone can relate to here.