SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Celebrated Their Contract Renewals With A $54,000 Gift

He spent a pretty penny to make it memorable.

Because all thirteen SEVENTEEN members not only renewed their contracts but did so earlier than expected, it was more than enough of a reason for the group and fans to celebrate.

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Leader S.Coups revealed that he went the extra mile by purchasing himself an expensive gift. A gift that turned out to be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

S.Coups | Weverse

When revealing what was in his bag for Allure Korea, S.Coups pulled out a watch that appeared to be a mere staple accessory. He revealed that it was much more than that.

I bought this watch to celebrate all our members resigning, to award myself for having done so well so far, and to mark it as a new beginning.

— S.Coups

Because of that, S.Coups admitted the watch “holds a lot of meaning” for him while also serving as a reminder of their progress. He added, “I worked really hard…so I wanted to look at this watch to cheer up.

That’s why S.Coups was proud that he “flexed” to buy the watch, and it truly was one when discovering just how much he spent on it.

Despite how simple and chic the watch looked, it’s a Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider in the color Huracán Grey and made of titanium valued at a whopping $54,500 USD.

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Since the members have worked hard since before their debut to achieve the success they have now, it’s no wonder S.Coups could treat himself to something so expensive.

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See how proud S.Coups was to show off the expensive gift to remember SEVENTEEN’s success and dedication to staying together.

Source: Roger Dubuis