SEVENTEEN’s S.COUPS Mixes Up Jeonghan And DK’s Dads But Has A Trick For Who’s Who

He has a clever method to tell the two fathers apart.

Between SEVENTEEN and their family members, there are more than enough people to keep track of. Naturally, leader S.COUPS admitted there were two people he couldn’t seem to tell apart.

S.COUPS | @sound_of_coups/Instagram

Although Jeonghan and DK have such different yet handsome visuals, S.COUPS often mixes up their fathers and shared the trick for how he tells them apart.

DK and Jeonghan.

During one of the group’s radio segments, S.COUPS shared a confession, “I am very sorry. I still get confused with Jeonghan and DK’s fathers.

Although he knew who was who, it didn’t stop him from becoming puzzled. S.COUPS added, “Even if I recognize and see them, I get confused.

The members completely understood. Someone admitted, “The way they dress is similar, and they both wear glasses.” They even agreed, “[Their] faces look so similar.

S.COUPS then shared his method for telling the difference between the two fathers, if the circumstances were just right. He caused laughter by saying, “Sometimes when the concert ends, I tell the difference by the mothers.

SEVENTEEN keeps proving they’re one big family with humorous moments like this.

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Source: Naver Live