SEVENTEEN’s S.coups And Jeonghan Surprises CARATs While On Hiatus

CARATs are thankful.

SEVENTEEN‘s S.coups and Jeonghan are currently on hiatus due to health reasons, and it has been a while since fans have seen photos of them. Both S.coups and Jeonghan have constantly been updating CARATs on the group’s official fan cafe, but despite that, fans continue to miss seeing them together with the rest of the members.

To welcome a new decade and the year 2020, SEVENTEEN posted a short New Year’s Greetings from each member, posting it in order of age from youngest to oldest. CARATs were surprised when a video from both S.coups and Jeonghan were posted as well. As they are the two most formers in the team, their videos were last posted and were very unexpected.

All the video clips of the members are muted except for S.coups’ showing how he still is ready to take on his role as a leader, and lead the greeting, despite his health condition.

CARATs weren’t expecting to receive a video from both S.coups and Jeonghan, and so they felt extremely thankful for the short video clip. Surely, these videos are enough to make CARATs smile and get through their week happily.

CARATs definitely missed S.coups and Jeonghan a lot, but wish for both members to take their time in recovering, and hope that they are both doing well.

SEVENTEEN will continue with their “Ode To You” tour, and will be starting the North American leg on January.