SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Reveals That He Once Felt “Betrayed” By His Members

This incident ended up helping their teamwork!

SEVENTEEN guested on the most recent episode of Knowing Brothers, and they shared many hilarious stories. One story shared was about the time when leader S.Coups felt “betrayed” by his members.

This incident happened when they were trainees and had no leader. S.Coups shared that one day, the members were exhausted from practicing and wanted a vacation.


S.Coups decided to talk with the vice director of their agency and told them that the members were exhausted and needed some rest.

The vice director then went to the other SEVENTEEN members and asked them if what S.Coups said was true. However, the members ended up telling the vice director that they were fine and didn’t need any rest.

S.Coups then got “scolded” by the vice director, as they thought that S.Coups was the only one that was tired.

The members then shared that they had talked in advance about wanting a vacation. However, S.Coups never told the other members that he was actually going to go talk to their agency about it.

However, this incident ended up helping SEVENTEEN’s teamwork, as the group now communicate things well in advance.

Here’s the full video below!


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