What SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Thinks About People Judging K-Pop Fans For Loving Idols

Many K-Pop fans have experienced it before.

K-Pop fans may be familiar with the feeling of being judged for showering their favorite idols with love and attention. There are many non-fans who do not understand the feeling of growing attached to a group after listening to their music and getting to know their personalities.

More than anything, fans just want to give back the joy that they received!

SEVENTEEN‘s beloved leader S.Coups shared his thoughts on this topic after it was brought up in an interview with Weverse Magazine.


According to the interviewer, S.Coups has been vocal many times before about wanting to stop the judgement against idols and fans.

You mentioned many times how people who love you are hurt by the negative views towards idols and their fans, and you said that you would try to change that kind of view.

— Weverse Magazine

SEVENTEEN and fans

He agreed and further explained his point of view. In his eyes, the way one treats a singer they like is not unlike their commitment to their loved ones.

Obviously it’s okay to like idols. Other than that you’re directing it toward an idol, there’s no difference between that love and the love you give to friends or lovers.

— S.Coups

He noticed early on that fans were looked down on for their devotion, and he took it upon himself to be the reason for its change.

But I was sad when I saw that love being denied by the world just because it’s directed towards idols. So I gave myself some homework: How can I change that?

— S.Coups

After all, he realized that he owes it to his fans to help address the judgement that they face on a daily basis. One way he achieves this is by always doing his best in his work.

I think we have to do our job well and I hope we can change those negative perceptions a little bit, too. So that’s why I want to give back—to show that the love isn’t one-sided.

— S.Coups

The negativity that surrounds K-Pop idols and their fans should have never existed to begin with, but with the efforts of people like S.Coups, it may one day disappear for good!

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Source: Weverse Magazine


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