SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Sent ASTRO’s Moonbin A Food Truck, And The Details Prove How Close They Are

Seungkwan made sure he was taking care of him, leaving kind messages.

It’s well-known that SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan is popular among idols, being close to ones you wouldn’t have even thought of. No matter how many friends he has, though, ASTRO‘s Moonbin has always been by his side.

Since Moonbin has been filming as the male lead in a drama called Mermaid Prince, Seungkwan had to show his support.

To make sure Moonbin was taken care of, he sent a food truck, not only sending snacks but “healing” snacks that would keep his spirits high. On top of that, Seungkwan showed how close they are and how supportive he is with the messages he’d prepared.

To encourage Moonbin, the main banner read, “When I heard the title, I knew it’d be a hit.” He didn’t forget the small details, either. There was a mermaid fin after the drama’s title. He’d even included, “Moonbin’s friend Seungkwan,” with a wi-fi symbol to playfully refer to his “Wi-Fi” song cover.

On the standee in front of the food truck, he’d cutely had the message, “Knock knock, this is Seungkwan. Are there any empty rooms at Bin’s guesthouse?” Moonbin loved it, uploading a photo of himself snacking on the food and forming a heart with his hands.

Seungkwan had it all planned out, down to the stickers that read, “Please take care of our Binnie. Also, he likes to be called without the family name. From Seungkwan.” After ensuring Moonbin would be energized, Seungkwan made a note to thank the staff and help them become more comfortable with him.

From the heart-warming food to the sweet messages, everyone needs a best friend like Seungkwan, someone who can support and help you even when they can’t be there physically.