SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Breaking His Own Weight Loss Rule Is Relatable AF

Diet starts tomorrow for everyone, including Seungkwan.

In a recent interview with Dingo, SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan boasted his upgraded visuals, after winning that fitness war we’re all fighting — to stay healthy and shed some weight in the process.


Boosted with confidence, Seungkwan tipped the viewers on how to go about weight loss without losing their sanity. He commented the key to losing those extra few pounds is to “Be smart.”

Be smart with your weight loss plan. Don’t starve. Don’t eat unhealthy stuff like fried chicken, pizza, bread, sweets…

— Seungkwan


Unfortunately, only ten minutes after Seungkwan told the viewers to stay away from sweets, he was caught red handed on camera:


Seungkwan approached the snacks table unsuspecting, grabbed a chocolate snack, and opened the package without hesitating for a second. Right as he was about to indulge, he noticed the camera glaring at him.

What, why is there a camera here…!

— Seungkwan


Carats are now cackling at Seungkwan’s most adorable reaction to being caught breaking his own rules:


Blushing with shame, Seungkwan playfully explained sh*t happens and sometimes it’s going to have to be okay…!

Okay so, you shouldn’t be eating these. But… sometimes it’s better to just treat yourself to a snack and then work out hard!

— Seungkwan


Yes, Seungkwan. Easier said than done, isn’t it? Carats can’t help but UWU at how Seungkwan — though hard to believe — is only human too. If that isn’t a Carat on an average day, eating something that really shouldn’t be eaten…!


But the truth is, Seungkwan deserves a chocolate snack or two. Check out how hard he has worked on perfecting his visual with a strict diet and exercise. He looks more ethereal than he has ever before!


So maybe, we’ll let Seungkwan off the hook this once. Watch the full interview here: