Cameraman Accidentally Scares SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan In The Best Way

He didn’t see it coming at all.

Although the members of SEVENTEEN are always making fans laugh, sometimes their staff are just as funny. A cameraman accidentally took Seungkwan by surprise and earned the funniest reaction.


As the members took off running, Seungkwan decided to break off from the pack and hide in a room. Little did he know, he wasn’t alone.

Seungkwan had nearly run right into a cameraman. Not expecting him to be there, he was completely taken aback. He couldn’t help clutching his chest from the shock.

After a while, Seungkwan laughed off the surprise, taking some much-needed time to settle down. It didn’t take him too long, though.

Seungkwan pretended as if nothing happened, keeping his cool in front of the camera. Fortunately for fans, their editors love to keep in funny moments like this.

Source: Twitter