SEVENTEEN Mingyu And The8’s Reactions To Seungkwan Crying Has Fans Wheezing

It’s what you’d expect from them ๐Ÿ˜‚

Since the SEVENTEEN members have been a family for over seven years, they’re always there to comfort each other in their emotional moments. Sometimes they even turn those moments into funny ones.

At one of the group’s BE THE SUN concert dates, Mingyu and The8 had fans cracking up because of how they reacted when Seungkwan shed a few tears.

The8 and Mingyu. | @pledis_17/Twitter

As Seungkwan cried, the members were right by his side for emotional support. They even had a group hug to comfort him. That didn’t stop eagle-eyed fans from noticing the funny reactions.

Behind a crying Seungkwan, fans couldn’t help laughing at Mingyu teasing him. He was far from the only member poking fun at the moment, though.

When the members gathered to hug Seungkwan, there was one member missing. Instead of joining in, they spotted The8 in the corner, taking out his phone and recording the whole thing. Making it funnier, The8 shared the clip he recorded.

Through The8’s Instagram, he shared the hilarious footage of them comforting Seungkwan. While Vernon, Mingyu, and Dino couldn’t stop smiling, DK patted Seungkwan’s head.

Though the members poked a bit of fun at Seungkwan, he’s always in good hands from how quickly they always comfort him. After all, only the best of friends could make an emotional moment so amusing.

Mingyu and Seungkwan. | @pledis_17/Twitter