SEVENTEEN Seungkwan Wanted To Cut The Cameras After His English Mistake

Dino and S.Coups weren’t going to let his funny moment go to waste.

In episode thirty-seven of SEVENTEEN‘s Going SEVENTEEN, the group did something that maknae Dino suggested: bungee jumping. To figure out who would be the first to take the jump, they eliminated members by tricking them into saying a forbidden word or phrase.

When it was time for Joshua to try his luck, Seungkwan thought he would make him slip up with some surprise English. Instead, he’d been the one to run into a funny situation.

Their English conversation began as normally as any other would. Seungkwan greeted, “Hi. Nice to meet you.” Joshua did the same, “Hi. Nice to meet you too.

It soon became funnier than anyone was expecting.

Seungkwan then urged Joshua to introduce himself but didn’t quite word it that way, “Let me introduce yourself.” Joshua sweetly corrected him, “Can you introduce yourself?Jun, Jeonghan, and S.Coups were already cracking smiles.

After processing it, Seungkwan held up a hand for everyone to stop.

He wanted to redo the scene all over again, “Let’s do it again as it’s too shameful. Because it’s too shameful.” While S.Coups laughed, “No, please don’t cut it,” Seungkwan pleaded with the staff to remove the scene.

Seungkwan was so embarrassed that he wanted to bypass the game altogether to cut his mishap from the episode, “If that’s how it goes, I’d rather go bungee jump!” Dino was the next member to keep the embarrassment going, “Please don’t cut it. Please don’t.

He yelled out his frustration, “I am so ashamed now!” Like the entertainer he is, though, Seungkwan gathered himself and continued on.

Laugh along with the rest of SEVENTEEN to Seungkwan’s adorably funny mishap that none of them wanted to forget—or let Carats miss out on.